Design Work

Creative elbow grease to untangle, wireframe, design, and user-test your product or service.

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UX Design

Score a User-centered experience for your product or service

  • Object mapping (object-first structuring)
  • Information architecture (full navigational design)
  • Functionality audit (what will the product or service do?)
  • Iterative wireframing

Usability Testing

Budget and timeline friendly validation

Let's get some prototypes in front of users. We can adjust a round of usability testing to fit your budget. Promise.

  • Paper-prototype guerrilla testing
  • OOUX/IA Clickable prototype testing (Is the structure right? Does it fit the user's mental model? Does it make sense? Does it do what users want?)
  • Task flow prototype testing (Can users complete critical tasks without confusion or frustration?)
  • Synthesis, analysis and recommendations based on the testing

UI Design

Smooth and delightful interactions

The devil is in the details. We can UX the hell out of your product, but if the UI is clunky your user might still be...unimpressed.

  • detailed interaction design
  • edge-case and error-state design
  • microinteractions and animations
  • detailed prototyping for user testing
  • documentation for development

Visual Design

Beautiful, custom, differentiating graphic design

We can finesse and modernize your current brand, or make a new brand identity come to life. 

  • UI design and component library
  • modular design and library
  • page and template layouts for various screen sizes
  • Custom illustration (Give us your vision. We can draw anything.)
  • Custom icon design
  • Custom animation and high-fidelity UI design
  • Occasional print and shwag design, too! Need business cards, banners, brochures, or coffee mugs? We got you.


Bring your brand voice to life

Writing is one of the oldest technologies. But it hasn't gotten any easier. We will take your Brand Voice style guide and apply it to your web presence. Wether you need concise tooltips, pithy error messages, or a better "About Us" page, we can help. Make your brand sing. Or bark, if that makes more sense! We'll take on the time-consuming task of crafting copy that is consistent with your brand and style guide.

  • Developing (or deciding on) a writing style guide
  • Writing with the user in mind. We help eliminate jargon and simplify dense, lengthly explanations
  • Craft various samples of critical copy like taglines and purpose statements. We know how important this is and we are happy to iterate with you.
  • PRE-REQ: Brand Voice Workshop


Duct-tape internet wrangling

We are good at hacking something together to get out in front of users. We love taking a start up idea and bootstrapping a way to smoke-and-mirrors a service to test it's viability. Using Webflow, Google Sheets, Zapier, Mailchimp, online forms, and other pre-existing tools and services, we can stand up a solid test bed to get your users poking around your idea.

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some extra thoughts

OOUX: A Foundation for Interaction Design

April 19, 2016

Pivoting smoothly from action to action is all well and good, but when interactions seem abstract to users, a sense of context is probably missing. In this follow-up to Object-Oriented UX, we will go from big-picture OOUX frameworks to confidently targeting actions that meet the needs of users.

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