a ux storytelling & system design game

2-4 Players

30-60 minutes game time

Crosslinked is a card game for UX designers, developers, digital entrepreneurs, product managers, and even clients. You'll start by developing your concept and setting up the whiteboard. During every turn, you'll need to hit up happy hour to hire an expert to help build your design. Then you’ll add elements to your design to complete your concept. And remember to create crosslinking between objects-—that’s how you’ll score the highest points. Using strategy and and the cards you've been dealt, you'll structure a system and tell a creative story.  Crosslinked is super fun, competitive, challenging...and it teaches OOUX principles, too.

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What real-live UX designers are saying about the game

"Challenging and fun!"

"I'd definitely play again. It felt like a puzzle. It makes you think!"

"This would be a great way to lay out new apps!"

“This is going to help me visualize the building blocks of sites and apps completely differently.”

“I love the color-coding and illustrations! It made it whimsical and fun while engaging you in the storytelling side of your UX creation.”

“Playing this game is a fantastic way to learn OOUX.”

“The storytelling was super well as screwing over my opponent!”

"it forced me to think through not just the flow, but what elements are needed for the product to actually work."

"Excited to play again. I think next time will be even more fun."

"When can I buy it? TAKE MY MONEY."

“Poaching and coffee cards were so fun! It added an extra level of competitiveness.”

“Poaching and coffee cards were so fun! It added an extra level of competitiveness.”

“A thought-provoking experience! I enjoyed thinking about myconcept and seeing how my opponent worked out hers. I definitely want to play again with coworkers.”

“I loved seeing the concepts come alive! I am already ready for expansion packs.”

“This made me think differently about organizing a site. It was also fun to talk through all my design decisions.”

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