OOUX Training for your Team

Introduction to OOUX Lecture

An interactive, entertaining, and incredibly enlightening training event

Why it's awesome

If you are interested in sharing the magic of OOUX with your team or company, this training session is perfect for a lunch and learn, a Friday-afternoon continued educational blast-into-the-weekend, or any other two-hour time slot you can find in everyone's busy schedules.

This lecture is not only entertaining, but incredibility applicable. We give a zero-fluff promise.

Bring a pen and paper! Slides and the recording will be delivered, but participants will be actively engaged with exercises and thought experiments throughout this experience.

You may invite unlimited participants and you have full rights to share the recording within your company.

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The Agenda

Introduction to Object-Oriented UX, an Interactive Lecture

🤓 Invite the whole company! Sophia Prater will lead the group through an introduction to OOUX and the ORCA process that will engage your product and design team, your developers, the C-suite, marketing, project management and everyone in-between. This interactive lecture features plenty of exercises, participation, and real-world examples.

  • Explore the cognitive science that backs up OOUX.
  • Get a tour of the ORCA process of defining objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes.
  • Learn about the four types of unintuitive objects that can easily creep into your designs without the help of OOUX.


Hour 1: Introducing Object-Oriented UX

(quick 5 minutes break)

Hour 2: An overview of the ORCA process. For each pillar of ORCA (objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes) will will review important terms, the cognitive psychology, the UX fail associated with ignoring it, and the methodologies used by OOUXers.

We will have about 10-15 minutes for discussion and questions at the end!

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