sophia {Voychehovski} Prater

UX Coach and Consultant

Rewired is the UX studio of Sophia V Prater. She’s often traveling across the United States or around the world, teaching her object-oriented UX methodologies, which have steadily gathered steam since her first talk in 2013. When at home, she’s mentoring, leading the Atlanta chapter of Ladies that UX, or working on designing new life-hacking frameworks.

Sophia has led UX efforts for clients such as  AT&T, Athena Healthcare, The Atlanta History Center, Axure Prototyping, Coca-Cola, Ultimate Software, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Australian Tax Office. She also designed’s responsive election night experience in 2012—and again in 2016.


joined by a dream team of creative pros

Rewired is a flexible team. About half of the Rewired efforts go towards OOUX-noodling —writing, speaking, running workshops, and coaching teams. But on the flipside, Sophia likes to get her hands dirty in real problem-solving: because it's fun and because it keeps all that talking relevant and sharp. With all the travel and occasional weeks of holing-up to philosophize, keeping a full-time team just doesn't make sense. So, when great projects come up, Sophia taps into her amazing network of independent talent in Atlanta, building a custom dream team perfectly scaled to client needs.

This saves Rewired from the need to take on less-than-perfect-fit projects just to meet payroll. And it saves clients from paying for anything more than exactly what they need.