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Content Modelling: A Master Skill

by Rachel Lovinger
April 24, 2012

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Content Everywhere

by Sara Wachter-Boettcher
December 1, 2012

Care about content? Better copy isn’t enough. As devices and channels multiply—and as users expect to relate, share, and shift information quickly—we need content that can go more places, more easily. Content Everywhere will help you stop creating fixed, single-purpose content and start making it more future-ready, flexible, reusable, manageable, and meaningful wherever it needs to go.


Modeling Structured Content

by Mike Atherton
April 3, 2013

Slides for MIke Atherton's 2013 "half-day introduction to content modeling and the creation and management of structured, adaptive content." Delivered at IA Summit 2013.

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It's time to Adopt Object-Oriented Thinking

by Paul Boag
September 26, 2013

Have you heard the term object oriented? Have you dismissed it as something that only applies to developers and techies? If so, think again. If you work in the web the chances are you’ve heard the term object-oriented. However, if you are not a developer then you have probably come to the conclusion that it does not apply to you. If you have ever heard a developer tried to explain it, then you have almost certainly dismissed it as something only techies could possibly understand.

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Content in a Zombie Apocalypse

by Karen McGrane
August 10, 2014

Friends, a zombie apocalypse is upon us: an onslaught of new mobile devices, platforms, and screen sizes, hordes of them descending every day. We're outmatched. There aren't enough designers and developers to battle every platform. There aren't enough editors and writers to populate every screen size. Defeating the zombies will require flexibility and stamina—in our content.

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Object-Oriented UX

by Sophia V Prater
October 20, 2015

We know big, monolithic webpages won’t meet the needs of responsive sites and endless screens. But we’re often still quilting together design patterns and content modules, rather than truly thinking in systems. This article will show you how defining the objects our users interact with, and the relationships between them, opens doors to more interconnected—and successful—user experiences.

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OOUX: A Foundation for Interaction Design

April 19, 2016

Pivoting smoothly from action to action is all well and good, but when interactions seem abstract to users, a sense of context is probably missing. In this follow-up to Object-Oriented UX, we will go from big-picture OOUX frameworks to confidently targeting actions that meet the needs of users.

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The Object-Oriented User

by Sophia V Prater
May 27, 2017

A revised version of an article published in the November 2016 issue of NET magazine. A look into how users understand and process their world how thought, communication, understanding, and perception are all object-oriented.

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Object-Oriented UX Interactive Lecture

by Sophia V Prater
July 26, 2017

A full-length 90-minute talk delivered in Warsaw, Poland during the MCE conference.

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UX for Lizard Brains

by Sophia V Prater
October 10, 2017

In the digital world, anything is possible. Technology can seem like magic. But if the interface strays to far from human’s expectations of the physical world, users will become unsure, confused, and unhappy. Design with lizard brains in mind to create intuitive interfaces.

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Understanding Object Oriented UX: Interview

By Zipboard
December 19, 2017

Sophia Voychehovski Prater runs ReWired UX, a studio in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked with clients like AT&T, The Atlanta History Center, Coca-Cola, Athena Health, and worked in house with CNN Digital. When she’s not consulting for clients, Sophia writes, speaks and runs coaching workshops about Object Oriented User Experience (OOUX). What is object oriented user experience, you ask?

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Designing Digital Objects: A Crash Course in Object-Oriented UX

July 24, 2018

A 35 minute talk on the biggest UX fails that OOUX can help you avoid. Also, a peek into the UX process and how I use Webflow to build CMS prototypes.

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Adobe UXpert Review of

by Sophia V Prater
August 10, 2018

EdX accomplishes a wonderfully natural browsing experience — curious users can navigate from subject, to course, to instructor, to school, to another course without ever needing to pick through the hierarchical main navigation. This is one of the primary principles of object-oriented user experience (OOUX): contextual navigation through object relationships.

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Books, articles, podcasts and more.

You are a Bad Ass

April 23, 2013

This book gets a little woo-woo and I definitely do not agree with buying a car you can't afford in the name of manifestion. BUT, Jen gives some really valuable advice on how to squash negative self-talk and bring on a life you love. 90% of this book is delightful. And the story about her grandmother near the end makes the entire book worthwhile.


Big Magic

September 27, 2016

This book is such a kick in the pants. It completely blasts any ego you might be feeling about your creative genius or lack thereof. This was a book that I seriously started reading again as soon as I finished it the first time.


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