OOUX Advanced Workshop

A customized workshop covering your stickiest UX conundrums— object lifecycles, user permissions, etc

Why it's awesome

If your product and industry is especially complex, this advanced deep-dive is a great follow up to the OOUX Fundamentals Workshop. We will address the main stumbling blocks of your design and how to tackle them with OOUX. We'll explore solutions to your unique challenges while expanding and deepening your team's OOUX skill set.

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The breakdown

The details of this workshop are usually influenced by the outcomes of the OOUX Fundamentals Workshop. After day 1, I will meet with you for a few minutes to make a final decisions on the content for day 2. We will always start with a recap and discussion of day 1 to address any questions and concerns. Then we will dive into a schedule of 3-4 of the below segments.

  • Mini-lecture and exercise:  Changing Objects. How to handle states, statuses, and various user perspectives on an object?
  • Mini-lecture and exercise:  Prioritization deep-dive. How to involve users and use OOUX to build a headache-free product roadmap (this might be
  • Mini-lecture and exercise:  object inheritance: parent-child vs concept-concrete objects.
  • Mini-lecture and exercise:  advanced call-to-action inventory. We'll move into a spreadsheet and start logging all the functionality in detail, based on user type.
  • Exercise: OOUX-style sketching.

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