1-on-1 Productivity Coaching Course

Throw away your to-do list and lets create a system helps you get more done with less stress

Three 1-hour sessions

Why it's awesome

If you constantly feel that you never “get enough done” this course is your salvation. That’s a terrible feeling and no way to live! So, let’s design a manageable, realistic, and exciting schedule that will help you live your best life!

Knowledge workers often have a good deal of autonomy during the day. Freelancers or designers that feel like they are busy...but not as productive as they would like to be. I've been developing this system for over four years now and in the last 2 years it's really clicked. I've built a sustainable consulting and coaching business, I've launched a UX conference, and I've started a podcast. I've published several articles and I'm on track to publish my first book in 2019. And this is from someone who was often called "spacey" as a kid...and even as a young adult. But I love designing systems and I love self-improvement. The design of the design process and the design of one's self—these are the two most fascinating things in the world for me! My system for getting things done works. And I'm excited to share it with you.

We will meet once a week for three weeks to help you bring structure, discipline and freedom to your day. You’ll stop working from an endless to-do list and instead you’ll intentionally design great days, one by one.  

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The breakdown

Session 1: Build the Blocks
  • What do you want to be doing more of?
  • Analyze your perfect (and realistic) day/week/month
  • Schedule the blocks and learn the basics of Calendar Blocking
  • Learn about printing...EVERYDAY. Managing your Calendar needs to be ON the calendar!
  • Notations: Checking off, rescheduling, and eliminating.
  • Aiming for 80% and not perfection!

Session 2: Refine the Schedule and Advanced Moves
  • Adjusting the blocks (you’ll be doing this for months. Years, even.)
  • Overriding recurring stuff.
  • Daily Prioritizing
  • Less frequent recurring events.
  • Deep work vs shallow work.

Session 3: Brain Dump the ToDo list
  • Using Trello
  • Using your sheet to Journal, Diary, and other ways to leverage your print out.


99 USD for three-session package

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