Crosslinked UX Storytelling Game: Lunch-and-Learn

Learn object-oriented UX through play

Why it's awesome

Is your  team geeky about design and games? Then this long lunch will provide more team building than a ropes-course and more UX continued-ed than an evening meetup or a dry guest lecturer. We will learn about structuring our content with an object-first approach. We will hire information architects and content strategists, and poach talent from our opponents. We will draw happy hour cards, and of course, score points for strategic crosslinking!

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The breakdown

While your team eats brown bag lunch (that's on you!), I will give a brief presentation on object-oriented UX and its basic-but-magical principles that lead to better design. As lunch is wrapping up, we will learn the rules of Crosslinked: A UX Storytelling Game, a game that was designed and developed by Rewired over the course of two years of play-testing and iterating.

Splitting into groups of 2-4, teams will play a few rounds of Crosslinked. At the end of the session, we'll learn a few ways we can use the cards for quick prototyping and exploring contextual navigation.

What you will learn
  • The basics of OOUX, by solving a puzzle instead of listening to a lecture
  • The importance of contextual navigation (crosslinking!)
  • How to get creative with content structure—yes, that's a thing!
  • How to recognize (and trash-talk) holes in content structure
  • How to play Crosslinked for endless team-building fun and competition!

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