Website Design-to-Launch

A full design-through-launch website package

Why it's awesome

Your website is the digital embodiment of your business. You need it to be beautiful, simple, and easy for your customers to navigate. If it's not an accurate and positive reflection of your business, then you are losing money. Your website is also a communication tool—it needs to be easy for you to update, edit, and grow. We love working with small businesses that want the best website in their industry. Restaurants, startups, NGOs and anyone that wants to get the word out.

The breakdown

  • Day 1: Full day goals and Object-Oriented UX workshop (collaborative with client).
  • Day 2: Review 3 options of re-vamps of your brand direction. Review basic structure of site.
  • Day 3: Refining of brand and structure based on feedback. Present Content Management System.
  • Day 4: Inputting content. (Rewired + Client)
  • Day 5-10: Build and Launch.

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