One Hour OOUX Consulting Call

Get help with untangling the most gnarly knots in your object map

Why it's awesome

So you are using Object-Oriented UX and it's helping bring clarity and zen to your professional life. You are also sleeping better and you've stopped yelling at your dog. But your system is complex and/or your skills are still new. You need help. Just book some time with me and let's see if we cannot straighten things up. I'll ask questions, make suggestions, combine objects, break up objects, and poke holes right and left.

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The breakdown

Once you book a time, I will reach out to see if I need to sign an NDA and see what you can share with me. I will do a little homework before our call so I can at least understand the basics of your (or your client's) industry.

The call will mostly consist of intense staring at your object map, so you'll need to have a legible, digitized version. You'll share your screen and we will start the call with you walking me through what you've got, object by object, element by element. I will answer your questions and provide feedback and advice on your structure.

If you like, we can record the call and I will deliver a recording of the call after we meet for your reference.

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