OOUX Fundamentals Workshop

A crash course on the principles and methodologies of object-oriented UX

Either a half day or a full day of object-oriented UX for your team.

  • We kick off with a 90-minute interactive lecture. Invite the whole company—CEOs, managers, account directors. Great for those that can't carve out a full day for the workshop but still want to get up to speed on the concepts of OOUX.
  • After the talk, we will break into teams and step through a guided object mapping exercise.
  • Next, teams will create a Call-to-Action Inventory—an amazingly organized audit of functionality.
  • With a solid object map on the wall, we will go heads down to practice some OOUX-style sketching.
  • We will wrap up the day with a quick prototyping demo (in Axure or Sketch, your choice).

The workshop will be customized for your team. Leading up to the workshop, we will collaborative plan the day, tweaking the schedule to meet your needs. Please keep in mind, we will use a simple design challenge for the Fundamentals Workshop. Simultaneously learning OOUX and applying OOUX to a project you are working is usually too overwhelming. If you want to take your design challenge through the OOUX ringer, let's hang out for two days. On the second day, we will run through OOUX Applied.

Conferences and companies that brought in OOUX 101

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