1-on-1 OOUX Training Program

Go pro with your object-oriented UX skills

Why it's awesome

You've read the articles or perhaps been in a workshop and you're reading this now—you're probably pretty sold on OOUX, theoretically. But you are having problems getting started applying OOUX to your work. We can get you there, 1-on-1, together. Wether you are a freelancer, an agency designer, or on an internal design team, this program can revolutionize the way you do UX, making your life easier and less stressful while also helping you to produce better work. I'll embed myself in the context of your job so that the training is customized to your unique challenges.

(If you are on a team, talk to your manager about your company paying for this! I can promise that six coaching sessions with me will be far more valuable than any conference! Also, if I am looking at your design work, I would be happy to sign an NDA.)

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The breakdown

Session 1

Where are you with OOUX? What are your biggest goals/challenges/questions? Figure out the design challenge we will use in coaching. Homwork: Find the objects and define them.

Session 2

Object mapping using Sketch. Start on your object map together. Homework: finish out the object map (round 1)

Session 3

Object map feedback, introduce object map prioritization card sort. Homework: refine object map and send out prioritization survey.

Session 4

Review object map, prioritize elements. Introduce CTA inventory. Homework: CTA inventory.

Session 5

Review CTA inventory, introduce sketch sheets. Homework: round of OOUX sketching modules, details, containers.

Session 6

Review sketch sheets, talk prototyping, testing and next steps.

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