Tidy up your Pixels & your UX Process

The Life-changing Magic of Object-Oriented UX

Why it's awesome

This talk shows listeners how object-oriented UX can help eliminate extraneous complexity, keeping their process and pixels nice and neat. We work through four big UX mistakes that make life harder on designers, developers and users: shape shifters, masked objects, broken objects, and isolated objects. We go through lots of case studies, roasting Google, Yelp, Meetup, and more.

This talk only touches on the technicalities of the OOUX process and the cognitive science that supports it. It's great for a more cross-discipline audience that might include non-UX designers. Developers, SMEs, product managers, and my mom all love this talk.

I am well-known as a high-energy, passionate, and spontaneous and relatable speaker with a high track record of keeping people awake and out of their email. My talks are interactive without being awkward. And, as I am always iterating and always customizing for my audience, each talk is fresh.

The breakdown


Designers of the digital world are constantly challenged by complexity clutter. Without hyper vigilance, extraneous design elements can easily creep into our products. These extra modules, screens, and interactions not only increase development costs, they also make life harder for users. The more stuff to process, the more users have to slow down, think, and learn. Through the magic of object-oriented UX, we will learn to ask and answer the following questions:

  • What are the objects in this world?
  • What is their structure?
  • How do they connect?
  • How do they relate to the user?

By baking these answers into the bones of our information architecture, we’ll gain clarity on our screen design, interaction design, content strategy, and even how the product should be built.

What you'll learn
  • How to avoid 4 massive UX fails
  • How make your digital environment more intuitive by aligning it to the real world
  • How to save time in design and development by cutting out superfluous complexity

Who will love this talk
  • UX and UI Designers at all levels
  • VIsual designers
  • Developers
  • Product managers

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