OOUX Fundamentals Workshop

A hands-on session to super-power a group of designers

Why it's awesome

Designers of the digital world are constantly challenged by complexity clutter. Without hyper vigilance, extraneous design elements can easily creep into our products. These extra modules, screens, and interactions not only increase development costs, they also make life harder for users. The more stuff to process, the more users have to slow down, think, and learn.

Through the magic of object-oriented UX, we will learn a repeatable, foolproof process for creating simple, naturally intuitive digital environments.

We will learn to answer the following critical questions:

  • What are the objects in your user's world?
  • What is the structure of those objects?
  • How do they connect?
  • How do they relate to the user?

By baking these answers into the bones of your information architecture, we’ll gain clarity on your screen design, interaction design, content strategy, and even how your product(s) should be built. You'll simplify your pixels and your process.

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The breakdown


The workshop will be fully-customized for your team. Leading up to the workshop, we will collaboratively plan the day, tweaking the schedule to meet your needs.

We kick off with a 90-minute interactive lecture—invite the whole company! CEOs, managers, account directors can get a good handle on OOUX without carving out a full day for the workshop. After the talk, workshoppers will break into teams and step through a design challenge customized for your industry (or a specific client project you want to explore).

  • Exercise 1: Identify the valuable objects in this environment
  • Exercise 2: Structure the objects (identify core content and metadata)
  • Exercise 3: Connect the objects based on relationships, designing paths for intuitive contextual navigation
  • Exercise 4: Call-to-Action Inventory—what do your users want to do to each of these objects?

Full Day Options

Half-day OOUX workshops are a whirlwind. Full-day workshops are in-depth. Our design challenge will be more complex and we will have time for questions and discussion. We'll also have time for one additional exercise.

  • Optional full-day exercise: OOUX-style sketching, bridging from structure to screen design
  • Optional full-day exercise: create a prioritization card-sort to get user input on object structure
  • Optional full-day demo: OOUX-style prototyping in Axure, Sketch or Webflow.
  • Optional full-day lecture: How to run your own OOUX workshop in-house or with clients.

Want it all? Book a 1.5 or 2 day workshop! And consider tacking on the Advanced OOUX Workshop for a day 2.

  • UX Designers of all levels
  • Visual designers
  • Developers who want to design their back-end more intentionally
  • Product and project managers
  • Entrepreneurs

Conference Workshops

Conferences are typically less customized since designers will be coming from all industries. Small groups will have 2-3 fun design challenges to pick from—I have a library of options. That said, organizers, if you like, I'd love to work with you to create a challenge that matches the theme of the conference or a need of your host city!

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