OOUX Prototyping and Testing Workshop

Power-up on expressing your UX concepts

Why it's awesome

Upgrade your team's prototyping skills so concepts can be communicated and tested more effectively. You'll learn how to prototype and test your information architecture first, validating that the objects are right, that the contextual navigation works, and that the interactions are valuable. You'll need to pair this workshop with the OOUX Fundamentals Workshop.

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The breakdown

In the morning, we will finalize object map from Fundamentals Workshop and learn OOUX-style sketching to block out screens. Then, we will jump into a series of exercises based on the tools you use and your prototyping goals. Here's a sample of activities; we will customize the agenda during a planning call before the workshop!

  • Learn how to create a quick and dirty wireframe in Axure
  • Create an Object Map using Sketch
  • Build a smart module library and prototype using Sketch
  • Create a content-first CMS-based prototype with Webflow

We will work together to customize a day of training that works best for your team's needs. Pick and choose the tools that you want to focus on and what techniques will be most useful.

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