User Research and UX Strategy

Validating the problems and discovering the solutions

2-12 weeks

Why it's awesome

Before you start coming up with solutions, we will help validate the problem with user research and competitive analysis. Using object-oriented UX, we build an information architecture that resonates with your users' mental model and expectations.

The breakdown

  • User and business goal definition workshop
  • Competitive analysis resulting in matrix of the competition's features
  • Industry/market analysis: research into the opportunity.
  • User interviews
  • Ethnographic research
  • Synthesis of any past research
  • Object-Oriented UX Workshop
  • Information architecture through the OOUX methodology
  • Wireframes
  • MVP and Future-state product roadmapping


varies on budget and complexity.

Research and strategy is very scalable. We can work with your timeline and budget to help build a project plan that fits.