Energetic, applicable, and engaging lectures by Sophia

Sophia is well-known as an high-energy, passionate, and spontaneous and relatable speaker with a high track record of keeping people awake and out of their email. Talks can be scaled to fit 30 minute, 45 minute, one hour, or 90 minute time slots. (Yes, 90 minutes. This works great as an interactive "lunch and learn" mini-workshop.)

Current talks include:

  • Introduction to Object Oriented UX: Introduction to the concepts behind OOUX and a primer on Object Mapping.
  • Taming Complexity with Object Oriented UX: How to cheat on your IA, reduce components, and zero in on functionality.
  • UX for Lizard Brains: how the human brain perceives its environment and how to "play nice" with our evolved tools of understanding.

Conferences and institutions that brought in Sophia as a lecturer