Lindsay Sutton

Content Creator, Editor, Researcher

UX Writing, UX Research, Content Strategy, Long Captions

Lindsay comes from a strong background in administration and operations management and has maintained writing as a hobby since childhood. In 2018, she started moving toward UX Design as a more tangible avenue for helping others. Lindsay’s passions have always involved making spaces more efficient, thoughtful, and intuitive. Today, she does this for Rewired’s content, while wearing many other hats.

Lindsay is a mother of twin girls, for whom she is designing a magical childhood filled with nature, foraging, slow living, folklore, and craft.

To me OOUX is...

If we had to boil OOUX down to its simplest form, it would be “objects first.” OOUX prioritizes the objects and, consequently, simplifies an app’s creation and design as well as its experience. “Well-defined leads to well-designed.” I think that’s the best way to describe the ORCA process. After all the work you spend on the objects and honing in on the fine details, the result is an experience that is easier to navigate and understand because it reflects real world spaces and objects. OOUX helps the design/developer team distill what’s really important and build environments in a simpler, more user-friendly way that better matches what users would expect if the environment were in real life.