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Object-oriented UX is a design philosophy popularized by Sophia in late 2015. OOUX helps back-up modular design with real-world objects that users understand.

Humans think in objects: we understand environments and situations by identifying objects and their relationships. Unfortunately, digital environments are usually pretty terrible at helping users answer, "what are the things here?"  More and more designers across the globe are drinking the OOUX Kool-aid as they realize how much better the design process is with a little object-thinking upfront.


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What smart people are saying

OOUX is a game-changer and you need it in your life. Period. Four of us (2 UXers, a front-end dev, and a CEO) attended Sophia’s workshop in Chicago this summer, and it remains easily the most valuable training dollars I’ve ever spent. The workshop was fun and engaging, and Sophia’s passion for this topic is infectious. We came away so energized we fired up an impromptu object mapping session with a client not even 24 hours after leaving our training. Since then, we’ve continued to apply what we’ve learned, and are seeing ongoing dividends for designers, developers, and business stakeholders alike. OOUX is a power tool that you need in your toolbox.

Caroline Sober-James


Director of User Experience

In a matter of a few days, Sophia taught the InfoTycoon team the fundamentals of OOUX Methodology, and leveraging OOUX she rapidly grasped and understood the complex context of our solution/platform. Over a short three month period, Sophia completely redesigned InfoTycoon's UX for the next version of our industry-leading platform. Sophia's limitless positive energy combined with her OOUX methodology very successfully sped us through a challenging project with a very tight deadline. All of that and she is a delight to work with. I highly recommend Sophia and look forward to working with her in the future.

Kevin George



After reading OOUX articles, I had started to think in terms of Objects in my design process, but I wasn't sure how to bring it all together. Sophia's process makes sense to me, and is helping me to organize all of the details of my current project in a way that will be easier to communicate with my internal team on the project, and our client. I finished the class 2 days ago, and started applying what I learned this morning to my current project.

Darcey Mullis


UX Designer

It's amazing that Sophia packed so much into two days. Just the right level of valuable UX techniques while being entertaining and keeping our attention focused. I'd highly recommend this to any UX Designer or Product Team member.

Deborah Catherall


Product Designer

I first heard Sophia’s OOUX presentation in a Saturday afternoon workshop in early 2015, since then I have had her present to our Cool Blue team, consult on projects and most recently several of us attended her 2017 masters workshop.  From the start this methodology made a lot of sense to me and others in our firm.  I’ve been involved in web projects over the last 20 years where it was too easy to get lost in the weeds of hierarchical menus and site maps but lose focus the important items and goals for the site.  Responsive sites have only created more tension in planning concise experiences and site architecture – we believe Object Oriented UX provides the correct framework for these modern complexities and delivering results!

Bo Simmons

Cool Blue Interactive


Sophia's OOUX framework has been pivotal in simplifying the interface of our complex B2B app. We knew presenting a more uniform, familiar experience was the key to improving usability but we weren't sure how to get there. OOUX is the real deal! It's transforming our design process and setting the right tone for the next generation of our product.

Libby Maurer

Widen Enterprises

Director of UX

OOUX is an engaging and super fun class with a lot of interactivity and thoughtful, funny explanations of human behavior. The principles I learned will help me and my team to begin thinking about a modular design framework that's smarter, more consistent, and will ultimately help our end-users adopt them with less heartache. Looking forward to applying this to our work, thank you Sophia!

Heather Dickens


Associate Creative Director

OOUX has been a major influence on my work. It's a total revelation! Thank you for putting so much good thinking out in the world for others to learn from.

Alibaster McDonald

Firebelly Design

Experience Strategist and Researcher

I walked away from both sessions having learned a ton. The delivery was awesome: broken in manageable chunks, sprinkled with good humor, and most of all very hands-on. I am enjoying the OOUX framework and can't wait to apply it to my next project. It seems I have been designing using a variation of this method all along, though I just didn't know what to call it. Now I do!

Svetlin Denkov

The Nerdery

Sr. User Experience Designer

Coming from a technical background OOUX makes all the difference to me.We were able to use it from the beginning of the project so it also influenced the way we built our databases and components (the dev team uses React). I plan to teach it to the design team of my new company!

Ana Tarrisse


Engineer & Designer

Your OOUX articles have been my primary inspiration for the past few months. For me, the methodology acted exactly as a bridge between project goals and design. It also removes the uncertainty of where to start.

Nickolay Todorovsky

Musala Soft JSC

UX Lead

I use Sophia's methodology for OOUX on design projects that have a number of moving parts, and where the IA needs to go beyond a rigid hierarchical structure. By following this OOUX approach, I can quickly get a schema of the site/application at a sufficient level to create an early prototype, to test whether the content and the actions hang together in an intuitive and helpful way for users.

As a UX consultant, this gives me the tools to describe the underlying structure of a system at the right level of detail... (unless you really love a good entity-relationship diagram), and to make sure that the building blocks for the system (the 'objects') are based on users mental models.

Super-helpful, and packaged really nicely as a workshop format, too.

Ben Simmonds

Independent Consultant

I attended Sophia Voychehovski's workshop regarding OOUX at EuroIA in 2016 Amsterdam. I was convinced to try it right away. Since then, I have integrated the method into my everyday workflow. I found that using this object-oriented method is a real advantage to maintain a clear and rational vision throughout my design process.

Hugo Labonde


UX Designer & User Researcher

I've been in the UX field for about three years and for three years I've spent many of my waking hours worriedly reflecting on my design process and how it can be better. One of the things I've struggled with most is how to enable my team to have conversations about a solution without jumping to wireframes. That's not because wireframes are bad, but because most of the teams I've worked with tend to lock into certain solutions and decisions without fully considering other options once wireframes get introduced.

Sophia’s Object-Oriented UX process has effectively solved that problem. Not only does it encourage creating systems of reusable components (which means less work for everyone and makes my inner design freak giddy with glee), but it enables us to have conversations and ask questions that lead to groundbreaking ideas that never would have happened without this process.

Jonathan 'Ambra

Bluetooth SIG

UX Designer

Sophia's writing on OOUX

Object-Oriented UX

October 20, 2015

We know big, monolithic webpages won’t meet the needs of responsive sites and endless screens. But we’re often still quilting together design patterns and content modules, rather than truly thinking in systems. This article will show you how defining the objects our users interact with, and the relationships between them, opens doors to more interconnected—and successful—user experiences.

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OOUX: A Foundation for Interaction Design

April 19, 2016

Pivoting smoothly from action to action is all well and good, but when interactions seem abstract to users, a sense of context is probably missing. In this follow-up to Object-Oriented UX, we will go from big-picture OOUX frameworks to confidently targeting actions that meet the needs of users.

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The Object-Oriented User

May 27, 2017

A revised version of an article published in the November 2016 issue of NET magazine. A look into how users understand and process their world how thought, communication, understanding, and perception are all object-oriented.

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UX for Lizard Brains

October 10, 2017

In the digital world, anything is possible. Technology can seem like magic. But if the interface strays to far from human’s expectations of the physical world, users will become unsure, confused, and unhappy. Design with lizard brains in mind to create intuitive interfaces.

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Understanding Object Oriented UX: Interview

December 19, 2017

Sophia Voychehovski Prater runs ReWired UX, a studio in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked with clients like AT&T, The Atlanta History Center, Coca-Cola, Athena Health, and worked in house with CNN Digital. When she’s not consulting for clients, Sophia writes, speaks and runs coaching workshops about Object Oriented User Experience (OOUX). What is object oriented user experience, you ask?

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Adobe UXpert Review of EdX.org

August 10, 2018

EdX accomplishes a wonderfully natural browsing experience — curious users can navigate from subject, to course, to instructor, to school, to another course without ever needing to pick through the hierarchical main navigation. This is one of the primary principles of object-oriented user experience (OOUX): contextual navigation through object relationships.

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Vancouver, BC
July 26, 2018
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Chicago, IL
June 14, 2018
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Chicago, IL
June 13, 2018
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Atlanta, GA
February 24, 2018
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Ladies that UX

Berlin, Germany
September 11, 2017
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Berlin, Germany
September 7, 2017

Half-day workshop on OOUX Fundamentals

30 minute lecture on UX for Lizard Brains

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UX Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria
June 14, 2017

Half-day workshop on OOUX Fundamentals

One hour lecture on UX for Lizard Brains

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Warsaw, Poland
May 8, 2017

90-minute interactive lecture on OOUX

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San Francisco, CA
November 9, 2016
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Charleston, SC
October 28, 2016

One hour lecture on OOUX

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Euro IA

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 23, 2016
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Better by Design

August 18, 2016

Full-day workshop on OOUX Fundamentals

One hour lecture on simplifying design with OOUX

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Lisbon, Portugal
May 24, 2016
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Seattle, Washington
February 9, 2016
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February 9, 2016
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Minneapolis, MN
April 22, 2015
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February 25, 2015
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November 6, 2014
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August 20, 2013
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