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Are you an organizer of a UX/tech conference or meetup, looking to have Sophia as a speaker or workshop facilitator? AWESOME. Sophia's already excited to bring all her energy, passion, and expertise for an inspirational and SUPER-actionable session. Or maybe your are a podcast host, You Tuber, or blogger and you want to bring OOUX to your platform? AMAZING.

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Sophia is a brilliant and loved speaker! We were lucky to have Sophia’s speech and trainings for two big UX Sofia international conferences and one UX Academy training. And we hope to have her again. She is more than just a professional, excellent trainer and prepared speaker, she is sparkling! Even online our audience feels her energy talking and sharing about OOUX and ORCA topics. Sophia presents and speaks always with natural style, engaging and entertaining attendees. To work with Sophia as a speaker is easy and pleasant. We, the organizers and team of UX Sofia, UX Academy and our audiences are her followers and biggest fans here in Bulgaria!

Angelina Ivancheva


Great workshop! It gives you a method that enables you to tackle UX problems more systematically. I found it extremely useful and have already implemented the method on the project I am currently working on. The method pushed me to ask myself new questions and to develop much more coherent solutions than the ones I would have developed without it.

Florie Salnot


I attended Sophia Voychehovski's workshop regarding OOUX at EuroIA in 2016 Amsterdam. I was convinced to try it right away. Since then, I have integrated the method into my everyday workflow. I found that using this object-oriented method is a real advantage to maintain a clear and rational vision throughout my design process.

Hugo Labonde