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Why it's awesome

Are you interested in blowing the minds of your event participants? While giving them applicable new principles they can immediately put into action? Sophia's talks are always high-energy, engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking. If you want to get some OOUX into your line-up, why not book the chief evangelist and leader in the niche? Sophia is ready to speak on OOUX through the lens that makes the most sense for your conference.

As a conference host herself, Sophia knows how to work with you as the organizer. If your event has a theme, we can work together to integrate that theme. Want the talk to be conversational and interactive? Done. Or perhaps you want something more formal and academic. Sure thing. You tell us the time slot and how much time to leave for Q&A.

We know reliability is important. To this day, Sophia has never canceled a speaking engagement, shown up late, or gone over time—by more than a minute or two!

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The Agenda

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Potential Topics

  • How to avoid 4 massive UX fails (applicable and full of examples)
  • How to design for our user's "lizard brains" (the fascinating psychology behind our object-oriented perception)
  • OOUX How-to basics (jump right into the methodology)
  • How to "cheat" on your Information architecture (what causes complexity and how to fight it with discovering your IA instead of designing it)
  • OOUX for Enterprise UX
  • OOUX for permissions
  • OOUX for API-driving design
  • An OOUX live demo!

Who will love talks on OOUX
  • UX and UI Designers at all levels
  • Developers
  • Product managers
  • Entrepreneurs building digital products