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Are you a UX Director or Product Owner interested in getting your team trained up in OOUX? If you are digital product/service company or an agency, we'd love to come in and deliver hands on training that can help your UXers, designers, and developers more effectively handle complexity.

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Sophia has a unique ability to explain a complex process and methodology in a way that's both engaging and delightful. Our team left the workshop feeling empowered and excited to use the ORCA process when solving our own problems. Having the Design team go through this together has created a shared language and a new way of breaking down complexity that will be increasingly more valuable as our work continues. I would highly recommend this workshop!

Courtney George


I loved the class and the concept! As a business analyst, I think it provides great value from the beginning of requirements elicitation and gathering. I loved the idea of thinking about the objects that must be connected and how they connect together. The relationship grid really helped make things very clear, which I know can be used in the future to provide clarity and understanding for clients. I'm excited to start using these topics in my daily work.

Michelle Johnston


I love this design philosophy! It makes so much sense to try to understand the "real" objects in your application before trying to make anything. It helps inform work on the development side, generate great questions, and avoid confusion when discussing new requirements.

Gerrod Schirtzinger


I'm a believer! In the complex world we live in, we need designers who aren't afraid to jump in and simplify the complexity. OOUX contains the tools we need to take on any design challenge, break it down into objects, and create understanding not only for end-users, but for product teams as well.

Ben Pappalardo


This OOUX workshop is reinvigorating and empowering. Now I have more systematic approach to explore what appeared obscure and grandiose into simple pieces that simultaneously challenges us to look at the holistic operation of the idea. This process harnesses different ways cross-functional teammates think (strategic, systematic, and yet holistic and creative). Rather than images of wireframes or bulleted laundry lists of requirements...the ORCA steps reveal the layers of complexity...I am happy to share that ORCA process is already being tested with multi-team projects to generate questions and quickly get our cross-functional teammates up to speed on the progress of the designer's thinking.

Juhee Hans


Sophia took a deep, complex concept and laid it out in an approachable way. The scrum designers were raving about the workshop for days after the fact, and we've already had designers start making use of the techniques for their work.

Dani Nordin


I was not familiar with OOUX. I usually find UX workshops to be overly general (things I already know) or overly specific (things that are cool but that I don't see an application for in my work). Sophia's OOUX workshop was neither of those things! I came away with a clear understanding of OOUX and what it can do for me. I could see how a meeting I had facilitated days before could have been enhanced using her model. I want to take her official certification course as soon as I can.

Kristin Ouellette


Sophia’s OOUX training session with our team, as well as her support and answering all our questions, gave our team the tools and confidence to comfortably lead workshops with our product partners. We’ve evolved our understanding of our site’s framework, identifying areas for improved contextual content, and developed an agreed-to approach to information architecture. The product team was so highly engaged and receptive—they looked to incorporating the OOUX methodology into their next project.

Jennifer Correa


Sophia brings a passion and enthusiasm to her OOUX training that is contagious. It's pleasantly counterintuitive when you leave the class having conquered complexity by having mastered the basics. I recommend this class for anybody who is looking for a better design framework and who isn't?

Candra Garrett


In a matter of a few days, Sophia taught the InfoTycoon team the fundamentals of OOUX Methodology, and leveraging OOUX she rapidly grasped and understood the complex context of our solution/platform. Over a short three month period, Sophia completely redesigned InfoTycoon's UX for the next version of our industry-leading platform. Sophia's limitless positive energy combined with her OOUX methodology very successfully sped us through a challenging project with a very tight deadline. All of that and she is a delight to work with. I highly recommend Sophia and look forward to working with her in the future.

Kevin George


I first heard Sophia’s OOUX presentation in a Saturday afternoon workshop in early 2015, since then I have had her present to our Cool Blue team, consult on projects and most recently several of us attended her 2017 masters workshop.  From the start this methodology made a lot of sense to me and others in our firm.  I’ve been involved in web projects over the last 20 years where it was too easy to get lost in the weeds of hierarchical menus and site maps but lose focus the important items and goals for the site.  Responsive sites have only created more tension in planning concise experiences and site architecture – we believe Object Oriented UX provides the correct framework for these modern complexities and delivering results!

Bo Simmons