OOUX Training for Individuals

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Are you a UX designer, developer, content strategist, IA, or digital product leader who wants to learn the ropes of Object-Oriented UX? We've got options to get you trained-up in our repeatable process for confidently handling complexity.

How deep are you ready to go?



OOUX training was one of the most valuable experiences in my career as a technical writer.

Ekaterina Anachkova


This workshop gave me a great foundation. Because I  am new to UX I had an advantage—learning OOUX as my foundation will definitely give me a leg up on my career.

Alair Hallman


"OOUX has been an incredibly valuable tool in my UX tool belt. Sophia explains her methods for reframing content and distilling them into objects with great examples, insights, and practical ways to apply the principles in real life."

Amanda Worthington


Sophia brings her passion for solving problems and creating functional products to every minute of her OOUX workshop. She provides real world samples of the challenges of developing digital products and offers up OOUX as a viable solution to improve their functionality.  Participants are invited into the process through demonstration, discussion and group exercises. If you're in the business of creating digital products, OOUX is a must for your toolbox!

Gerald Willis


I initially reached out to Sophia for some 1:1 OOUX training sessions, and in the end, I got so much more. Right from the start, Sophia was responsive and supportive. We scheduled 6 sessions where she took me through some practice assignments before jumping into the project I was currently “OOUXing.” We communicated regularly by phone and email, discussing careers, goals, life-hacks, family, and of course a lot of OOUX. Sophia has been an invaluable resource and I am so thankful that I made the decision to work with her.

Joanie Lutz


OOUX is a game-changer and you need it in your life. Period. Four of us (2 UXers, a front-end dev, and a CEO) attended Sophia’s workshop in Chicago this summer, and it remains easily the most valuable training dollars I’ve ever spent. The workshop was fun and engaging, and Sophia’s passion for this topic is infectious. We came away so energized we fired up an impromptu object mapping session with a client not even 24 hours after leaving our training. Since then, we’ve continued to apply what we’ve learned, and are seeing ongoing dividends for designers, developers, and business stakeholders alike. OOUX is a power tool that you need in your toolbox.

Caroline Sober-James


I walked away from both sessions having learned a ton. The delivery was awesome: broken in manageable chunks, sprinkled with good humor, and most of all very hands-on. I am enjoying the OOUX framework and can't wait to apply it to my next project. It seems I have been designing using a variation of this method all along, though I just didn't know what to call it. Now I do!

Svetlin Denkov


After reading OOUX articles, I had started to think in terms of Objects in my design process, but I wasn't sure how to bring it all together. Sophia's process makes sense to me, and is helping me to organize all of the details of my current project in a way that will be easier to communicate with my internal team on the project, and our client. I finished the class 2 days ago, and started applying what I learned this morning to my current project.

Darcey Mullis


It's amazing that Sophia packed so much into two days. Just the right level of valuable UX techniques while being entertaining and keeping our attention focused. I'd highly recommend this to any UX Designer or Product Team member.

Deborah Catherall


OOUX is an engaging and super fun class with a lot of interactivity and thoughtful, funny explanations of human behavior. The principles I learned will help me and my team to begin thinking about a modular design framework that's smarter, more consistent, and will ultimately help our end-users adopt them with less heartache. Looking forward to applying this to our work, thank you Sophia!

Heather Dickens