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OOUX Strategist Certification Program

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Why it's awesome

Here's some results you can expect...

  • You’ll learn a philosophy and a methodology that will give you newfound confidence in your designs because you will have rigorous tools to break down complexity. Using a repeatable and structured process, you'll be able to create naturally intuitive user experiences that respect the way that the human brain works. You’ll see this validated in much less painful usability testing! Basically, you’ll become a better designer.
  • You’ll also gain confidence in dealing with stakeholders, users, subject-matter experts, and clients—you’ll know you are asking the right questions, at the right time. You’ll involve them early, and you’ll know exactly what to do with them. Basically, you’ll become a better facilitator.
  • You’ll know how to get out of the business of doing surface-level UX work. You’ll gain the skills to take your design work deep into the business structure, the information layer, and the technical layer. You’ll have new power to solve systemic issues for your organization or clients. Basically, you’ll learn how to make more lasting, impactful change.
  • All of this will NO DOUBT result in: faster promotions, better interviews (rock those whiteboard challenges), and bigger and brighter career opportunities.
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Is this course for you?

Are you a UX designer or team leader dealing with mind-boggling levels of complexity?

Do you want to feel more confident when working with clients, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and developers?

Do you want to do feel more confident in your designs as they go into usability testing and production?

Do you want to do less surface-level UI tweaking and create more systemic, transformative change?

Then this course is for you.