Sophia V. Prater

Founder and Lead OOUXer

System Design, OOUXing Life, Ed Tech, Sustainable Design, Teaching OOUX

Sophia Prater is founder and lead UX designer at Rewired and the chief evangelist of Object-Oriented UX. Sophia teaches her OOUX methodologies at conferences, within companies, and through her OOUX Certification Program. She is the host of the OOUX Happy Hour meetup and the OOUX Podcast.

Sophia has brought the complexity-untangling magic of OOUX to companies such as Facebook, Mastercard, Atlassian, Autodesk, Macy’s, Credit Karma, Hubspot, Intercom, Delta Airlines, CNN, Microsoft, Adobe and many more. 

Sophia lives outside of Atlanta in the beautiful north Georgia mountains, the wine country of the southeast United States, with her husband and business partner, Luke.

A game-like process to create elegant UX and IA

I've loved UX since my first day on the job in 2009. But in the early days of my career, I'd often feel like the process I was a part of needed more rigor. We seemed to wait until late in the game to tackle complexity—and this just led to a ton of rework. We'd try to break up the complexity by siloing features and functionality—and this just led to "frankenstein" designs. By studying human psychology as well as the object-oriented UI practice that were popular in the '90s, I created a rigorous methodology for breaking down complexity while also ensuring holistic, elegant, systemic UX and information architecture. This game-like process completely transformed my professional life. With OOUX and the ORCA process, I facilitate effective collaboration, break down team silos, and have a ton more fun doing my job as a UX designer. I honestly cannot imagine designing a digital environment without leveraging OOUX.